Aviator Betting: Your Best Experience


Aviator betting, a rather new and exciting feature in the online gambling world, attracts players with its unconventional gaming approach and chances of huge wins. Unlike common bet games, in Aviator betting, there is a virtual plane that takes off and flies for an unknown period of time where the payout potential increases as the duration of flight increases. The exciting part for players is to make money before the plane crashes. Players in Aviator betting 1xBet place their bets before the plane takes off. The game then starts with the plane rising while the multiplier value continues to increase in real time. The longer it remains flying, the higher the possible payout. Nonetheless, at any point in time, it can crash and if they fail to cash out on time, their bet ends up being wasted. It offers 97% RTP rate, while other slot games offer from 93% to 95%.

The simplicity of Aviator as well as the adrenaline rush that it offers has made it popular. It’s straightforward: 1 – place a bet, 2 – see the multiplier increase, 3 – decide when to take your money. Gamblers have been attracted to Aviator betting by this ease coupled with large potential payouts. The game has seen over 10 million people attempt their luck on it worldwide, and this number is still growing. Thanks to its immersive mechanics, in some areas Aviator betting has become one of the 5 most-played online gambling games.

Besides, studies indicate that on average the payout multiplier for 1xBet Aviator betting stands around 1.5x-3.0x; however, lucky players have withdrawn their winnings at multipliers exceeding 100x. These impressive potential rewards are one of the reasons why this game keeps increasing in popularity among its players due to its simplicity as explained earlier.

Rocket Crash Game: Exploring Other Variants

Crash betting Games, also called as rocket crash game real money are a famous category in the world of online gambling. These types of games present players with many choices and forms each having some distinct features and gameplay mechanics. The basic concept is that a rocket or something similar will go up in the air and you decide when to cash out before it crashes. Higher multipliers and larger payouts come with greater flight times although if the player does not convert the bet to money on time before the crash he/she loses his/her stake.


There are some different types of Rocket Crash Games:

  • Traditional rocket crash games for real money. Such games follow a simple design where a rocket is launched upwards with an increasing multiplier. And 2 examples of such popular titles include “Rocket X” as well as “Sky Rocket.” They are loved because they have easy rules, which can make someone a millionaire instantly.
  • Themed crash games. In these kinds of crash games, players get more involved in the gameplay due to the thematic elements added. For instance, “Space Adventure” is about maneuvering a spaceship through an asteroid field while ‘Alien Invasion’ involves alien spaceships dodging obstacles. These themes add another level of excitement and visual appeal to these games.
  • Crash progressive jackpots. These versions of crash games share a progressive jackpot pool that is paid out in case players meet specific criteria. In particular, many players love playing “Jackpot Rocket” because it lets them not only chase high multipliers but also win a jackpot, which is an additional motivation to play.
  • Multiplayer crash betting games. These games can accommodate multiple participants, thereby making them social casino game types. A prime example of such is “Rocket Race,” where gamers can view their counterparts’ bets and whether they cashed out or not on a real-time basis hence creating some sense of belonging.


Moreover, there has been an increase in rocket crash gambling popularity. It is estimated that more than fifteen million people worldwide play these games regularly. The average multiplier in old-style rocket crash games ranges from 1.2x to 5.0x although some players have said they won with as high as 200x when taking off their money. In summary, both Aviator betting and rocket crash games are exciting and provide unique experiences for online punters.